Friday, June 29, 2007

Tony on Benoit

Tony tells us why the Benoit thing matters.

Tony explains why this whole Benoit things matters. His words after the jump.


I found this blog and discovered it really describes what I think of this tragedy.

Blog on MySpace
by: Jordon Wright

The professional wrestling business is often misunderstood, and more times than not laughed at by outsiders who don't appreciate the male dominated soap opera-like entertainment. Professional wrestling is a mix of sports and entertainment, an unreal blur between reality and fantasy. The wrestlers in the ring are true athletes who work out, train, and dedicate themselves to their craft. They're also actors playing a part--playing a character if you will. They engage in athletic contests that are scripted as entertainment, and play out in a TV show that has writers and special effects. It's the ultimate mix between the reality of sports and the fantasy of television. The men and women in wrestling really bleed, really feel pain, and really get hurt.

The misconception that wrestling isn't real is false. That's a myth. It is real. Real in the sense that the life of a professional wrestler consumes an individual, and is the driving force in their respective life. For Chris Benoit, wrestling was his passion. He was on record saying wrestling was his life, his mistress. It was the reason Chris woke up in the morning, and went to bed every night.

Benoit knew from an early age he wanted to perform in rings all around the world as a professional wrestler. He trained in Canada with Stu Hart in the legendary Hart family home. Here he learned respect, passion, and appreciation that would become the centerpiece of his career.

Once considered too small, and dubbed a "vanilla midget" by former World Champion Kevin Nash, Chris Benoit beat all the odds. Chris would compete for WWE, WWF, WCW, and ECW. He wrestled in Japan, Australia, Canada, U.K., Iraq, and yes--America. He'd become a World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontiential Champion, and World Tag Team Champion. Benoit transformed from the underdog to one of the most well liked and respected performers in wrestling history. I simply can't think of one match Benoit had that was bad as the result of poor performance or having a bad day. Benoit took pride in his hard work in the ring. He was passionate and had a big work ethic. Many wrestling fans and wrestlers respected him as the ultimate representative of what the wrestling industry should be. A hard working family man who dedicated his life to his kids, and providing them the best life possible.

That all ended this past weekened when Chris Benoit killed his wife; Nancy, his son; Daniel, and himself. Chris was supposed to wrestle on Sunday night at WWE's Pay-Per-View "Vengeance" where many thought he'd win the vacant ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and many were disappointed that Benoit cancelled for "personal reasons" on the dream match he was supposed to compete in with longtime Benoit fan and admirer CM Punk.

We now know Benoit calculated the murder of his beloved family. He worked the WWE management claiming he was missing their show based on his family being sicked, and then took his life after spending the weekend killing his wife and son and himself soon after.

As a wrestler, nothing will ever change the fact Benoit was one of the most gifted performers in the history of wrestling. But no one will ever be able to watch his wonderful matches again in the same light. Millions of fans are sickened, disappointed, and depressed that a model family man would take his own flesh and blood's lives.

My words again:

I have followed wrestling since about 98'. And have have seen Chris Benoit wrestle countless times and have read many interviews of him. Benoit was said to be one of the highest role models in wrestling. He was one of the most respected and highly regarded wrestlers in the world. It has been said many times that Benoit was quite, but very friendly and never short tempered. He loved his wife and kids and flew home just to see his kids even if it were only for a few hours. There are many different voices saying many different things in the mainstream media mostly blaming the WWE and steroids. I would advise that you get your information from . It is an independent website that follows nothing but wrestling. It will give you unbiased facts on the story.

The picture I gave Ben to post with this if of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania XX in 2004. Eddie and Chris were best friends and seeing those two celebrating together as duel champions was an amazing site. It really saddens me to think that now both of these amazing performers are gone. Eddie passed away due to Heart Failure that was due to his past drug and steroid abuse. He had been clean for 4 years at the time of his death.
Chris passed his last random drug test on April 11. It is speculation that drugs were involved, and the toxicology report has not been revealed yet. In my opinion, some foreign substance had to have been involved, because Benoit doesn't seem like the type to just snap like that.

It really depresses me to think about this tragedy and I still can't believe it happened.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tony Says "Hi"

Hey, sorry about the lack of blogs. I have one coming soon, I promise. Until then, Tony has another blog/update for you. Enjoy.

His words after the jump.


I have to have internet. I lived without it for one week and I am very glad to have it back. This was all part of the Springfield Tones big move actually to Springfield. For the beginning part of our season, our organization was based in Bolivar. We had our site in Springfield picked out, but we couldn't move due to certain contractual obligations to our site in Bolivar where the majority of teams in our league are basing themselves. But we now live up to our name and we are based in Springfield in the very beautiful John Q. Hammons Park. Not Hammons Field where the AA Springfield Cardinals play. But a very new and insanely expensive facility that John Q. Hammons built for my fantasy team. In fact, Hammons is the owner...(as is he in everything in southwest Missouri)...of the Springfield Tones. For those of you that haven't seen John Q. Hammons Park, I will post some pictures when the exterior is finished.

Anyways, the move really took a toll on the team. Not the lack of roster changes due to the fact that I couldn't access anything. It is clear that even if all roster changes would have been made in the SP, both games would have been lost. But the Tones pitching staff was greatly impacted physically and mentally by the move. Although JQH Park is beautiful, our owner would not pay anybody to move any of the equipment. So, he made the starting pitchers move everything, and it showed. The might SP of the Tones combined for just 17.5 pts. in Week 11 against the B.S. Royals/Cubs. (no, the B.S. was not accidental). B.S. took advantage of the tired SP's and blew the Tones out of the water 354.5 to 170.

Week 11 marked the 3rd straight week the Tones had lost, not only losing the division lead to PCO but enraging Hammons to the point where the entire team had to finish laying brick to one part of JQH Park. This bricklaying is sparking a fire under the entire team and we are getting back into the swing of things currently leading The Zou - 213.5 - 118. Several off weeks for the pitching staff looks to be winding down as well with the hiring of a new pitching coach. J.Q. transfered old pitching coach Howard Dean to politicing and hired Don Imus to replace him. Imus looks to get the nappy headed pitching staff back in shape. And the rest of the pitching staff too.

That seems to be it. Until next time fellow leaguers, this is Springfield Tones manager Tony Allen bidding you adieu.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nielsen drafted in fourth round by Royals


Yeah that’s right, all of those little league years at Kansas City Baptist Temple got me some recognition.

If you do not know what I am talking about, check out the guy the Royals picked in the fourth round. Yep, me baby, me.


Anyway, I will be packing my bags for the Arizona Fall League soon so I have some breaking news for Andrew: I’m breaking the lease. I’m not paying rent. I’m not paying utilities. I’m a professional ballplayer now, I can be a prick like that. However, I may leave a signed baseball on the counter for you…but don’t count on it.

Now that I have been drafted, I have to think of some goals for myself. Most people would consider various logical goals such as:

1. Become an All-Star
2. Become a team hall of famer
3. Become a state hall of famer
4. Have my number retired by my high school, college and team
5. Also make their hall of fames
6. Become a hall of famer that matters…the Bolivar hall of fame

Optional goal:
Become a major league baseball hall of famer.

But I, newly drafted Royals player, have other goals. They are as such:

1. Sign an AROD-like contract…times two…thousand…million…bajilion…yeah
2. Sign a LeBron-like endorsement deal times three…yep, just three
3. Buy ESPN, move it to KC and create a “midwest bias”
4. Even though I am a quadrillion billion fillionaire, never pay Andrew for the rent I would owe him. Ever.
5. Or utilities. Ever.
6. Refuse to live in anything but a tin trailer, but have it loaded with all kinds of expensive gadgets.
7. Continue to drive a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass SE and continue to ask my parent for gas money.
8. Buy the Chiefs, fire Carl Peterson, then sell the Chiefs…all in one day
9. Ask Andrew for five bucks, when he refuses, hire a legal team to somehow take over all of his assets – leaving him homeless- find him on the streets and then ask him again for five bucks
10. Buy a Subway

There it is, my goals. I hope you like them.

Now I’m just going to find an agent and wait for that contract to come my way…

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

“A Look from the Bottom…Up”

Best fight scene ever...or maybe the funniest fight scene ever...or maybe just a fight scene...something like that anyway.

Joel Schilb, owner of the Pansies - err..Schilbies - has joined the blogging fun with a post of his own.


His words are after the jump.


Now that we are finally deep into the season we’ve finally figured out which teams are good which team is the Schilbies. I don’t understand why my team sucks so much. I have a stacked line-up. Really, I do.

Schilbies Starters

C- Joe Mauer

1B- Justin Morneau

2B- Brian Roberts

3B- Miguel Cabrera

SS- Edgar Renteria

LF- Carlos Lee

CF- Torii Hunter

RF- Shawn Green

I don’t know of any Major League manager that wouldn’t take this team in a heartbeat, therefore I don’t know why I lose every week. Unless I’m playing an equally bad team, Royals/Cubs (who now has a better record than me) I lose. And I don’t even remember the other team I beat. Sorry, I’m sure I didn’t deserve that win. You can have it.

I always have at least one guy a day with 8+ points, and I probably average nearly 25 points offensively everyday. Now to some of you this is nothing huge because some of you do that with both offense and pitching. Thus… my problem.

I can’t pitch.

Growing up I could throw fast, but never a Jake Peavy. I was a great highschool 6th man in the rotation, if you will. but for the most part during high school I was a catcher… no gay jokes please, Andrew… So I think this is God’s way of reassuring my inability to throw strikes.

Well here are a few helpful hints when playing Fantasy Baseball. In fact, here are a few helpful hints of what NOT to do when playing Fantasy Baseball.

Schilbies’ Top 10- - - -what not to do’s

10. Don’t draft Anthony Reyes just because he’s a Cardinal.

9. Don’t have 4 second-basemen on your team: no one will trade for them, even if their only second-baseman is on the DL.

8. Draft a real DH. Excuse me… DRAFT a DH.

7. Take Barry Bonds if he’s offered to you, wait… no. Keep Carlos Lee because Carlos Lee doesn’t suck.

6. Don’t draft Anthony Reyes just because you think he’s going to have a ‘break out year.’

5. Don’t make any trade offers on Cole Hamels (Ben sucks), C.C. Sabathia (Zou you too), or Jake Peavy (KC, I didn’t even bother asking, so I don’t know if you suck or not) These teams don’t like good hitters.

4. Figure out a way so that both Lackey and Smoltz can pitch everyday.

3. Don’t draft Anthony Reyes. He Sucks and doesnt win games before he gets sent back to the minors.

2. Don’t call your team name gay Schilbies.




1. Don’t be a Royals fan. The only good thing I’ve done all season I suppose...

I’m far enough into the season to know my fate. I’m not upset about it, in fact, fantasy baseball is the best time waster ever, but I’ve just decided I’m going to hoard the keeper players I have from the contending teams. Sounds fun. Unless you wanna break down and offer up some pitching, no Cabrera, no Mauer, no Morneau, and no Lee.

Happy Trading

Go Cardinals!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The All-(un)Owned Team

Do you see any irony in this picture? Any at all? If you don't, your probably in a league that doesn't own Barry Bonds.

I had this grand envision of having a blog on first baseman today (and it is still coming). But in my research for this I found something that has turned into a massive frustration of mine: percentage owned.

Here is what set me off.

The other day I was looking though my team and make a very disturbing find. Only 99.9% of the leagues in ESPN owned David Ortiz. Tell me, what in God’s name is that .1% doing and why are they still allowed to have a league? Seriously?! How do you not own David Ortiz? How does a league go an extended period of time with NOBODY owning DAVID ORTIZ?! (note: 100% of leagues now own Big Papi since this blog has been written)

It got worse. Yes, worse.

Barry Bonds. 252 Fantasy points, second only to Vlad. 56 walks. As many intentional walks as strikeouts (20). 12 home runs in 133 at-bats. Owning percentage? 99%. A FULL 1% of leagues on ESPN DO NOT OWN BARRY BONDS! I know people hate him and all, but come on…252 POINTS! 56 WALKS! SECOND ONLY VLAD ON OFFENSE! WHAT THE CRAP!

Anyway, this inspired me to make a team: The (un)Owned Team


  1. Above 98% ownership
  2. One of each position – three starters and a reliever
  3. Must not suck

The (un)Owned Team


The Options – Jorge Posada (99.9), Joe Mauer (99.9), Kenji Johjima (99.6), Brian McCann (99.3) and Ivan Rodriguez (98.4)

Okay, I understand Mauer a little bit. The guy is on the DL and maybe someone had two better players on the DL and a good backup, swung and deal for catcher or something like that. I can understand this.

Johjima? Plays in the west and is not a “known” name so I can understand a league or two having no clue who he is.

McCann? No excuse. They guy was better than Mauer was last year.

Rodriguez? His numbers are not as good as he normally has so I could understand if some leagues passed on him for a younger, keeper-type catcher who could break out next year.

WINNER – Posada. No excuses. None.

First Base

The Options – Carlos Delgado (99.8), Todd Helton (99.7) and Kevin Youkillis (99)

There are ten first baseman owned by 100% of all ESPN fantasy leagues. Of those ten, only one has more than 200 points (Justin Morneau). There are three 98+ first baseman. Two of them have 200 points or more. See a problem with this? Somehow some leagues feel the need to not own the best first baseman in the league and others choose not to take the second best first basemen in the league. Somehow, I have to choose one.

WINNER – Todd Helton (Youkillis a close second)

Second Base

The Options – Chase Utley (99.9), Dan Uggla (99.9), B.J. Upton (99.9), Brian Roberts (99.9) and Brandon Phillips (99.7)

There are exactly ZERO second baseman in ALL of ESPN leagues that posses a 100% ownership rating. How does this happen?

Now, there should be an understanding that some leagues are going to have point systems that under-value certain players. For instance, B.J. Upton is one of those guys in our league. Still, how does a guy like Chase Utley or Brian Roberts not fit into all leagues?

WINNER – Chase Utley

Third Base

The Options – B.J. Upton (99.9), Chipper Jones (99.6), Mike Lowell (99.2) and Troy Glaus(98.3)

You know, I’m really starting to hope that we are the one league that does not have Upton on a roster.

The more I think of about this, I have decided to make the first The League Decree. It is as follows:


There it is. Deal with it.

WINNER – Mike Lowell


The Options – J.J. Hardy (99.9), Edgar Renteria (99.7), Michael Young (99.4) and Carlos Guillen (99.1)

This one was kinda difficult. I can understand how absolutely no one knows who J.J. Hardy is or Carlos Guillen to some degree. Guillen has also been hurt lately. Renteria still has a bad taste is some people’s mouth with his Boston debacle even though he has been great in Atlanta the last two years. Michael Young had a terrible start, which may have led people to forget about him.

Still, Hardy has 16 home runs. That leads all shortstops. How does someone miss that?

WINNER – J.J. Hardy

That’s what I would have said if I were a guy who likes to follow rules.

Somehow, only 51.7% of leagues own Orlando Cabrera. How does that happen? The guys is the third best shortstop in our league, so he cannot be too bad in others. Yes, his homer runs are low, but still…how do you have that many leagues not own the guy? That almost pissed me off.

REAL WINNER – Orlando Cabrera

Left Field


Somehow, leagues feel the need to latch on to Alfonso Soriano and ignore the second best fantasy position player in the game. People are stupid.

WINNER – Barry Bonds

Center Field

The Options – Andruw Jones (99.9), Juan Pierre (99.6), Eric Byrnes (99.5), Vernon Wells (99.3) and Ken Griffey Jr. (99)

Don’t tell me people do not know who Ken Griffey Jr. is. Come on. The guy has been hurt and he is still the second best fantasy center fielder. OWN THE FRIGGIN’ GUY!

WINNER – Ken Griffey Jr. (honorable mention to ever CF on “The Options” list)

Right Field

The Options – Byrnes, Michael Cuddyer (99.2), Jermaine Dye (99.1) and Griffey Jr.

With all due respect to Eric Byrnes, I choose Brad Hawpe. Hawpe is owned by 62.5% of leagues despite being the sixth best right fielder in fantasy.

On a related note: I hate the Schilbies.

WINNER – Brad Hawpe

Designated Hitter

The Options – I’m going to cheat again, so I’m not going to write the guys in

Jose Vidro would be a good “Cheating” pick here being that he is lightly owned and has 130 fantasy points.

But there is a better choice.

Kevin Millar is ranked tenth (100 points) amongst all DH’s. So, your guess might be that he is in the 70’s or 60’s since I am cheating right? Well, you’re wrong. Millar is owned by exactly .1% of all leagues. Jonny Gomes, who has 9 fantasy points this year, is owned by more leagues than Millar. That is not cool.

WINNER – Kevin Millar

Starting Pitchers

The Options – Too Many

There are only nine starting pitchers that are owned by every league on ESPN. And one of them is NOT Josh Beckett.

Another is Erik Bedard.

And yet another is James Shields.

But not all of these are winners.

WINNERS – Josh Beckett (99.9 – Ranked 6th), Joe Blanton (26.3 – ranked 14th) and Kelvim Escobar (68.3 - ranked 25th)

Relief Pitcher

The Options –Too Many

Oh…I’m pissed now…

WINNER – Francisco Cordero – 207 points – Rank 1 – Ownership: 99.9

Some leagues are just stupid…